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Loads of sources have it listed as 32,000 or 32,500 but the actual number of seats in the stadium is 32,609.

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Q: What is the capacity of the ricoh arena in coventry?
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What is coventry city's stadium?

ricoh arena

Where did coventry city ground move to?

Ricoh Arena

What is the name of coventry city ground?

The Ricoh Arena

Is the Ricoh arena only for wealthy people?

The Ricoh Arena is not only for wealthy people. It is an arena located in Coventry, England and all types of events happen there. Ticket prices vary by event so even non-wealthy people can go.

Who are coventry city?

They're a football team in the Championship league. Their home ground is the Ricoh Arena --- it used to be Highfield Road.

When was Ricoh Arena created?

Ricoh Arena was created in 2005.

Do Coventry City own the Ricoh Area?

No it is currently owned by the council.

Which stadiums did Take That go to for the Circus Tour?

Stadium Of Light - Sunderland Ricoh Arena - Coventry Croke Park - Dublin Millenium Stadium - Cardiff Hampden Park - Glasgow Old Trafford Cricket Ground - Manchester Wembley Stadium - London

How many does Highfield Road stadium seat?

Highfield Road Stadium had 23,489 seats. It closed and moved to Ricoh Arena. Highfield was demolished in 1995. A 32,000 seat area was being built in the Ricoh arena.

What is the capacity of Esprit Arena?

The capacity of Esprit Arena is approximately 54,600.

What is the capacity of the Utah Jazz arena?

EnergySolutions Arena has a capacity of 19,911

What is the capacity of Amsterdam ArenA?

The capacity of Amsterdam Arena is approximately 53,052.