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8500 around the sides for Ice Hockey matches and other events using the central area,

12500 with seats in central area

13500 is the maximum capacity with standing in the floor area.

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The capacity of the O2 Arena in London is 20,000.

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Q: What is the capacity of sheffield arena?
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How many people does the sheffield arena hold?

The Sheffield Arena, also known as the Utilita Arena Sheffield, has a maximum capacity of around 13,600 for concerts and events.

When was Motorpoint Arena Sheffield opened?

Motorpoint Arena Sheffield is an indoor arena in United Kingdom and was opened on 1991.

What is another name for the Hallam FM Arena?

The Hallam FM Arena is also known as the Motorpoint Arena Sheffield. The arena originally opened with the name Sheffield Arena, but was changed to Hallam FM Arena. In 2010, it was given the name Motorpoint Arena Sheffield.

Is Hannah motanna peforming at sheffield arena?

Yes i think so in 2011 or maybe in 2012. Check the website or try emailing sheffield arena asking about when she will be visting.

What is the capacity of Amsterdam ArenA?

The capacity of Amsterdam Arena is approximately 53,052.

What is the capacity of the Utah Jazz arena?

EnergySolutions Arena has a capacity of 19,911

What is the capacity of Esprit Arena?

The capacity of Esprit Arena is approximately 54,600.

What is the seating capacity at Oracle arena?

The capacity of the Oracle Arena is 19,596.

Whats the post code to sheffield arena?

S9 2DF

What is the capacity of Veltins-Arena?

The capacity of Veltins-Arena at Gelsenkirchen in Germany is 61,973.

What is the capacity of Imtech Arena?

The capacity of Imtech Arena at Hamburg in Germany is 57,000.

What is the capacity of Allianz Arena?

The capacity of Allianz Arena at Munich in Germany is 71,437.