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well, some fun science websites are:

I really don't know anymore, lol! adds new posts every day! I wanted to add this one thing because I just checked it out, its pretty interesting.

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Both non profit (monitored chatroom)

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Q: What is the best website in the internet for children?
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One can learn about how much the internet is influencing their children online on the HubPages website. One can look under the internet and children section.

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Free videos for children are available to watch on many websites such as you tube, speakaboos, popcornflix, babytv, nickelodeon's website, and the website of pbs. Children should always be supervised when on the internet.

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This website contains adult material that is meant to be viewed by users who are eighteen years of age or older. An Internet filter can be used to protect your children from sites such as this.

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the make a website to hacked the game and scam acc.

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