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Yes, but very little, and not as much for children as he used to. He currently does more environmental and pro-children activism.

His website lists three performances in 2010 and two upcoming in 2011, as well as other things he's involved in. It's the best place to find out more.

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I think he has four kids?!

Raffi doesn't have any kids.

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Q: Does raffi cavoukian have children
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Who is Raffi Cavoukian married?

Yes he is married to Debbie Pike she was my Kindergarten teacher I was in kindergarten in 1978

What are some popular songs by the artist Raffi?

Raffi (also known as "Raffi Cavoukian") is a Canadian musician born July 8, 1948. Some of his more popular songs include "Baby Beluga", "Bananaphone" and "Down by the Bay".

Where was the musician Raffi born?

The musician Raffi Cavoukian was born in Cairo, Egypt on July 8, 1948 to Armenian parents. He spent his childhood years in Egypt before moving to Canada with his parents in 1958.

When was Onnig Cavoukian born?

Onnig Cavoukian was born in 1945.

When was Ann Cavoukian born?

Ann Cavoukian was born in 1952.

Who sings bananaphone?

The song 'Bananaphone' is sung by children's singer/songwriter Raffi. Raffi also composed and sang the famous song, 'Baby Beluga'.

What is the birth name of Rafi Gavron?

Rafi Gavron is 28 years old (birthdate June 24, 1989).

What nicknames does Raffi Ahmad go by?

Raffi Ahmad goes by Raffi.

What is the birth name of Raffi Ahmad?

Raffi Ahmad's birth name is Raffi Faridz Ahmad.

Where can one see videos of Baby Beluga by Raffi?

There is a video on Youtube of Baby Beluga by Raffi. This song is aimed at children. There is also a video on the Last FM website of the Baby Beluga song.

What year was Banana Phone by Raffi released?

The song "Banana Phone" by the artist Raffi was released in 1994. The children's album that this song belongs to was certified gold in 2002, eight years later.

Were does Raffi Torres live?

where does Raffi Torres live