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By asking this i assume that you are asking for GOOD rumble fighter scrolls. To start off it depends weather you want astor or carat scrolls. The best carat scroll i can recommend to you is Dragon. this scroll has a VERY easy juggle and is easy to controll. Also you could get Shoot BOxing. this scroll has the BEST juggle IN THE GAME maxing out at 21 hits. If you are looking for a carat scroll i would recommend Red Scropian: the very best carat scroll. Sholin: the fastest atking scroll in the game. or Jujitsu/Taekondow: very cheap fast good scrolls =D hope this helps you

FYI i am one of the most trusted ppl that write on this website. if you don't believe this statement then LOOK IT UP. but still all of which i have told you so far is TRUE


The first person who answered this question, the first two scrolls are Astros. Also, Shoot Boxing is a hard scroll to juggle with. Taekwondo is not very good. Also, Red Scorpion is rather slow, if you want a fast scroll pick Muay Thai or Mao Gong.

*another opinion edit*

If you want speed, then go with viper(200 astros) or shoalin(~21000 carats). if you want power, then get muay Thai(i don't know how much). and an all arounder then get dragon(189astros).

me personally think that viper(200 astros), shoot boxing(idk again), and black out(198 astros) are the best scrolls to use once u know how to use them.

hope it helped.

Take this from an experienced player.

im Caramel642 if u have more questions.

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You don't need a scroll, you need skills! No scroll, no exo, just plain old skills. Hacking will not help, it will lead you to being banned.

You might try going with rage, it's definitely the best scroll other than sage.

Although gentleman has really fast attacks and a good counter. Also zin and dark haze is really good, but it can't be found in shops. Expect for zin and gentleman

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Q: What is the best scroll in Rumble Fighter?
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