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Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte met in a physics class and became friends. They then started making music. At the University of Colorado Boulder. Hence, them always including shout outs to Colorado in their awesome songs :]

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Um they met in college in a physics class or some classl like that. In Colorado. And they started a band titled with their are code 303 or 3OH!3 :D

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Q: What is the band history of 3oh 3?
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Is 3oh 3 a girl band?

no 3oh!3 is made up of two guys

What band is Nathaniel Motte a part of?

He's in the band 3OH!3

What are the origins of the 3oh 3 band?

The band 3OH!3 began in Boulder, Colorado, and is named after the city's area code. Though the band was formed in 2004, their first album was not released until 2007.

What band's name starts with a number?

3OH!3 3 doors down

What are the band member's names in 3oh 3?

Nathaniel Motte Sean Foreman

Who are the 2 people in the band 3 oh 3?

3OH!3 has Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman.

Who made the song don't trust me?

3OH!3 is the band ---

What band sings Don't Trust Me?

"Don't Trust Me" was released by 3Oh!3 in 2009

What are some famous taigas?

lalalalallalalalalalalallal I LOVE 3OH!3 THEY ARE THE BEST BAND EVEAH!!! BY, M.A.H ^,..,^

Is it 3oh3 or 3oh?

none it is 3oh!3

How did 3OH 3 start their band?

They met in physics class and started to sing and started to write songs.

Which band isbetter 3Oh 3 or nevershoutnever?

Wow it totally depends on opinion... lame question.... i say 3OH!3 all the way but im sure someone else thinks nevershoutnever is better. Its up to you and your opinion.