What type of genre is 3oh 3?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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i love 3oh!3.There type of music is Punk Rock.

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electro pop and alternative.

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Q: What type of genre is 3oh 3?
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Is it 3oh3 or 3oh?

none it is 3oh!3

Is 3oh 3 a girl band?

no 3oh!3 is made up of two guys

What was 3oh 3's first album called?

Their debut album was called 3OH!3.

How many molecules are in 3OH?


Who is 3OH 3?

3OH!3 is a U.S. based electropop duo from Boulder, Colorado,that is composed of Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman.

Who sings Don't Trust Me?


Who sang don't trust me?


Who is the artist of don't trust you?


Who is the singer of Don't Trust Me?


Who sings the song Don't trust me?


What key is follow me down by 3Oh!3 in?

A Minor

Who sings Starstrukk?

Starstrukk is sung by 3OH!3 Starstrukk is sung by 3oh!3 featuring Katy Perry. it is a really cool song. And their is a movie on it featuring Sterling Night. :)