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We Are Stars by The Pierces

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Q: What is the background music for mbc max love movies advert?
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What is the music on the REAL Radio advert with the dog?

Anastacia's Song: I'm outta love!

What is the music on the current SCS sofa advert?

Computer Sensing Love by Steph Spencer.

What is the music on the kia ceed advert?

It's originally by the Buzzcocks 'Ever fallen in Love' from about 1978.

What music does Giovanni allevi play on the advert for Fiat Punto my life?

Secret Love - Piano by Giovanni Allevi

Does Vanessa Hudgens like rock music and horror movies?

yes she does she is a big fan of horror movies and she love rock music

What background music does JC Caylen use?

Feel the Love by Hoodie Allen!

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your love me for this.....

Who sings 'Everlasting Love' heard on the Pringles commercial?

Human Music House made a special song just for the advert but i cant find it anywhere...

What roles does music play in movies?

Music is very important in movies because it is an emotional catalyst that often heightens the emotions that the viewer and/or the actor is feeling at the time in relation to what is playing on screen. (i.e. romantic music in a love scene, or action music for a battle)

What is the song in the background of the Chanel Flora perfume advert?

I assume you mean the Gucci Flora commercial. Its a remix of "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer. The remix was done by the director Chris Cunningham.

Obama theme song wordsna na na na na what was obama's theme music during campaign guitar music in background?

he love that song

What was the background music to Mike Read's First Love feature on Radio 1?

It was First Love Never Dies, I think the version was recorded by The Walker Brothers