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I think his name is Rick Hall... he played the veterinarian in the Seinfeld episode where George runs over a squirrel and takes it home to recover:

162. The Merv Griffin Show

gs: Rick Hall (Vet) Brent Hinkley (Lou) Julia Pennington (Celia) Arabella Field (Miranda) Jim Fowler (Himself) Wayne Wilderson (Walter (uncredited)) Wayne Knight (Newman) John O'Hurley (Peterman) Jerry Stiller (Frank) Estelle Harris (Estelle)

Kramer discovers the set of the old Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster. George's girlfriend, Miranda, is disgusted when George runs over some pigeons with his car. The pigeons have broken their deal with the humans. Jerry is fascinated with his girlfriend's old toy collection that she won't let him near. Elaine's new co-worker is a real sidler; he causes her to spill coffee that creates a stain that looks like Fidel Castro. Kramer reconstructs the set in his apartment and begins to conduct interviews of everyone who enters his apartment. Elaine schemes to out-sidle the sidler who might be sidling her out of a job. While George swerves to avoid a pigeon, he hits a squirrel. Jerry schemes for an opportunity to play with the toys. Kramer adds Newman as a co-host for his show to help relieve the pressure of being a host. Miranda insists that George pay for the special surgery required to fix the squirrel. Elaine gives Tic Tacs to the sidler to make him noisy, unfortunately the sound reminds Peterman of an old Haitian torture. Jerry and George execute a turkey, wine and home movie scheme in an effort to play with the toys. Elaine is disgusted by this unconscionable behavior, until she hears about the Easy-Bake Oven. Kramer decides to change the format of the show, to "Scandals and Animals." On the show, Jerry's girlfriend finds out about the schemes and animal expert Jim Fowler is there with a hawk. George brings the squirrel over to the set to get Jim Fowler's opinion. Hawks like to eat squirrels.

b: 06-Nov-97 pc: 906 w: Bruce Eric Kaplan d: Andy Ackerman

NOTE: A rare episode, where Jerry's apartment is not featured.

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Q: What is the actor's name who plays Dr Nathan Hardy in Group Health commercials?
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