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"Roll to Me" by Del Amitri

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Q: What is the Song from family guy the picnic?
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What is that song called that they played on family guy when the TV was on and the guy said these ants are ruining are picnic and the weird looking girl said you mean the picnic is ruining our ants?

"Roll to Me" by Justin Currie from Del Amitri. the song is actually called "west Sid isee sud iside gonna baby gonna"

What is the title of the family guy theme song?

Uh... the Family Guy Theme Song

Who sings in the Family Guy anniversary song?

Would you mind elaborating... What Family Guy anniversary song ???

How do you play the Family Guy Theme Song on the Tuba?

Google Family Guy Theme Song Tuba with either the Image Search or Regular

When was Dysfunctional Family Picnic created?

Dysfunctional Family Picnic was created in 1997.

What is im a tuma?

a song of family guy

What song played in the madea movie when the family was having a picnic and dancing in the front yard?

Brick by the Dazz band

When was Stoned Soul Picnic - song - created?

Stoned Soul Picnic - song - was created in 1968-06.

What are the lyrics to the opening song of Family Guy?

The opening lyrics to Family Guy are sung by the family themselves. If one would like to sing along to the song whilst watching the program, they can find the specified lyrics on the 'Family Guy Wiki' website.

Where can you find Family Guy Song Books?

They don't appear to exist but just Google Family Guy Song Books and links to sheet music appear.

What is an illusion from The Sea of Monsters?

Annabeth's illusion was that she saw her family back together again, and Luke was a good guy. And they were all having a picnic.

Who is the guy from Family Guy?

There are many guy characters on the Family Guy television show, but if by chance you're referring to the person mentioned in the opening theme song, that would be Peter.