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The beats per minute of Poker Face is 119.0 BPM.

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Q: What is the BMP for Pokerface by Lady Gaga?
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How many times was the single Pokerface by Lady Gaga sold?

The single "Pokerface" by Lady Gaga has sold over 12 million copies. "Pokerface" is also the most downloaded song in the British chart history. "Pokerface" was the second song released from Lady Gaga's first album.

What was lady gaga's fourth song?


Who made the pokerface parody?

Lady Gaga did

What is Lady Gaga's favorite place to be poked?

In her Pokerface.

How do you piss of Lady Gaga?

pokerface. ---- Shut Up!

Does Lady Gaga sing pokerface?

yes, she wrote it.

Is Lady Gaga striaght?

she is bi. pokerface is the proof for that.

What do you do when Lady Gaga is sleeping?

poker face pokerface

What is Lady Gaga's favourite song by herself?


Who has sang the song pokerface?

Poker Face song by Lady Gaga. A band called "You Me At Six" and Chris Daughtry have also done covers of Lady Gaga's Pokerface.

What is Lady Gaga's biggest hit?

Pokerface is Lady Gaga's biggest selling song, followed up by Just Dance. Then followed by Paparazzi.

What is the biggest hit lady gaga ever had?

pokerface :D