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Fight Fight Green White Fight
For Albuquerque Bulldogs
We're Behind you now let's show them how
Play play Green White Win
For Albuquerque Bulldogs
Now's the time to show that
A-H-S, past, present, and future
leads them all so now let's
score again, once more again
Fight Fight Fight for Albuquerque's Victory!

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Q: What is the Albuquerque High School Fight Song?
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What is the name of the fight song for the university of Michigan?

Hail to the Victors It was our high school fight song that is why I know

Wasn't the Fight song of the leatherheads orininally from The Massillon high school Tiger football program?

In the movie leatherheads, the fightsong originated as the first ever fight song at a High School from the Massillon Washington High School football program

What are the words to the fight song of North Knox High School located in Bicknell Indiana?

Fight fight fight for dear old north knox high school old and grand that's all I know and I go there

What is the Coalgate Oklahoma High School fight song?

Notre Dame Victory March

What is the Muscatine Iowa High School fight song?

Depending upon how you look at it, Muscatine HS in Muscatine, IA actually has two fight songs. The first is just titled "Muscatine School Song" and is actually "Illinois Loyalty". The second is titled "Muscatine HS Fight Song" and is the same as the University of Iowa Fight Song. The two songs are generally played back-to-back with the school song continuing without pause into the introduction of the fight song.

What College uses Victory in their marching band?

I'm assuming you're refering to the Notre Dame Fight Song. It's also my high school's fight song.

What is the Albuquerque Eldorado High School fight song?

Here we go, here we go, Eldorado! We're going to win this game tonight! We will fight! We will score! Golden Eagles are the best team and more! Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, Eldorado, bring victory to the orange and white! For E-L-D-O-R-A-D-O! That's the team that we love so! So fight, fight! Eldorado, fight, fight, fight! See the related link.

What is Stratford High School's in Houston TX fight song?

Long Train Runnin' by the Doobie Brothers

What is the Taylor university fight song?

Its called Song of the Vagabonds. Its my favorite fight song of any school.

What is the Tucker High School fight song?

Your question as it is worded is unanswerable. A Google search of Vanguard High School shows schools across the United States in virtually all states that share the name Vanguard High School. Without knowing the exact location you are specifically referring to, no concrete answer can be provided.

What is the mascot of Clayton High School in Missouri?

The High school mascot of Clayton high school in Missouri is in fact the animal known as a Greyhound following this they also wrote a fight song in 2008 named Greyhound pride.

What is the Prairie Du Chien High School Fight Song?

its the cherokee if anyone know how to download it email it to me at