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The characters that sang the song Start of Something New in High School Musical were Vannessa Hudgens and Mark Antony and Jorge Rafeliavidela. They are all characters.

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Q: Which characters sang the song Start of Something New in High School Musical?
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What are songs that talk about trying new things?

The start of something new - High school musical

What is the very first song in high school music called?

The first song in high school musical is start of something new

What actor or actress from High School Musical start ed in Halloween Town High?

I consider myself a Disney movie buff and unless it was a minor role none of the main characters from high school musical were in Halloween town

What songs are their in high school musical 1?

breakin free , were all in this together, bop to the top,start of something new

When did the start of filming of high school musical 3?

High School Musical 3 was filmed just after the 1st High School Musical was just brought out to the televisoin and on DVD.

What is Vanessa Hudgens first single?

Uhh in High School Musical it was "Start of Something New" But in her first album (V) it was "Come Back to Me"

When will the high school musical 3 start?

high school musical 3 will appear october 24 in only movie theaters

What are some High school musical songs?

I'm glad you asked, Breaking Free, This is the Start of Something New, Bop to the Top, You Are the Music in Me, and Everyday.

When is total drama the musical going to start?

"Total Drama The Musical" starts in early 2010. There are two additional characters: Alejandro and Sierra

When did Zac Efrom and Vanessa start dating?

After High School Musical!

Is high school musical 3 out in shops?

start of Febuary 09

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30th August 2009 7pm.