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Q: What is the 'sleepover club' series 2 rules?
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Where can you see the sleepover club series 2 on the internet?


When will the 'Sleepover Club' series 2 be shown?

apparently if you are living in Perth it is on...

Where can you buy the sleepover club series 2 on DVD?

Itunes perhaps.

Who is the last one to join the sleepover club series 2?

the last one was brooke

Why did the sleepover club characters change?

The sleepover club characters changed because frankie from series one was moving away and therefore had to leave her friends (fliss, kenny, rosey, lyndz). In the first episode of series two, it shows frankie going to stay with her cousin charli (one of the main sleepover girls in series 2). After a few things goes down with charli's group of friends (tayla, maddy, brook and jess), they all became mad at charli and they decieded that they may never be friends again. decieding that they all missed Charli, the group, with the help of frankie, threw a surprise sleepover for her. Frankie then gave the group a sleepover club book just like the one her friends had and they became the new sleepover club. I hope this answers your question! ( im sorry if i rambled on :) )

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Who plays Carol in the Saddle Club?

keenan macwilliam is the person who plays carol in saddle club videos in series 1 and series 2 (:

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Where can you watch the saddle club series 2?

you can watch the saddle club series 1 and 2 on channel 626 on sky.Hope i helped!!!!!!!

Is thirteen too old to have a sleepover birthday party?

You r never 2 old to have a sleepover!!

Where can you get sleepover club series 2 on DVD?

where can you watch the new sleep over club in UK