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It's called 'Quagmire's Baby' (US season 8/UK season 9)

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Q: What is that one episode were stewie tells brian to rub his tail?
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Which Family Guy episode does Stewie cut off Brian's tail?

The evil Stewie clone does it in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

What is Fairy Tail's newest episode?

Go check the fairy tail wiki. They have the latest episode up always

What number of the episode is harvest festival of fairy tail?

The Harvest Festival episode in Fairy Tail is Episode 153. It is part of the Grand Magic Games arc.

When is fairy tail episode 68 coming out?

Episode 68 of Fairy Tail has already came out. You can watch it on Kissanime or Crunchyroll.

What episode is the last episode of fairy tail?

Episode 175 is the last episode of Fairy Tail. But although the Fairy Tail anime has ended, all the episodes are being re-aired under the name Fairy Tail Best and there are rumours that after that, and after the manga has had time to get ahead (as the anime was catching up), the Fairy Tail anime may be continued.

What episode of Fairy Tail is where they returned from the sacred island?

The core members of Fairy Tail return after the timeskip at the end of episode 123.

What episode is raven tail in fairy tail?

Raven Tail's guildmaster, Ivan Dreyar, made his first appearance in episode 45. Some of Raven Tail's guild members appeared first in the 13th intro sequence, a few episodes before their formal appearance in episode 154.

What episode of Fairy Tail is the Valentine's Day episode?

The episode of the anime series show Fairy Tail that appeared on Valentines Day was the episode titled "The Power of Feelings". This originally aired on February 14, 2011.

When are they going to dub episode 132 of Fairy Tail?

They are going to dub the episode 132 of fairy tail sometime near or after September the 10th.

Where is the 176th episode of Fairy Tail?

It was aired in April 2014, though it is officially designated as "Fairy Tail S2 E01" and not 'episode 176'.

What episode in fairy tail who does Lucy hug loki?

Its episode 31 or 32.

What episode did Acnologia appear in Fairy Tail?

He first appeared in episode 122.