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Ham or fried chicken

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Q: What is sams favourte meat in iCarly?
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What is sams name from iCarly?

jannette mcurdy

What Is Sams Second Name Of iCarly?


When is Sams birthday from iCarly?

17 April 1994

What is Sams real number in iCarly?

Type what is the number...

Sams real name off of icarly?

Jenette McCurdy

On iCarly what is sams real life name?

Jennette McCurdy

What is sams moms name off of iCarly?

They never say.

What is sams mom real name from icarly?

Pam Puckett

What is sams name in iCarly?

Jennette mcCurdy aka sam pucket

What does Sam and Carly do to Sams boyfriend when doing ICarly?

They put record him while he's on the wedgie bounce. &They show it on iCarly.

In iCarly is sams hair real?

Yes sam hair is real her hair is really that long

On icarly what is sams real first and last name?

Sam from the TV show "Icarly" first name is Jennette and her last name is McCurdy