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1991 fantastic sams commercial in Hollywood, Flordia

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Q: Who is the Fantastic sams commercial actress?
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When was Fantastic Sams created?

Fantastic Sams was created in 1974.

Where can I find Fantastic Sams coupons online?

Fantastic Sams offers coupons on their own website believe it or not! Also you can find Fantastic Sams coupons at and

Where can one find Fantastic Sams Coupons?

Fantastic Sams is a chain of hair salons. You can sign up to be emailed coupons on the Fantastic Sams website, where you can also view the daily deal. Fantastic Sams sometimes has coupons on their Facebook pages as well.

Where can people get fantastic sams coupons?

There seems to be several sites you may be able to get Sam's coupons.

Is fantastic sams open on Sundays?

No, They are not open :(

Does fantastic sams really offer coupons?

If fantastic sams sent you coupons, then you can be pretty sure that they are legitimate. I do not think someone would send you fake coupons in you email.

Is Fantastic Sams open on Labor Day?

The hours at Fantastic Sams on Labor Day vary from store to store. Check out the website of your local salon to find out what its hours are.

Fantastic sams hair salon?

How much is it to get your hair colored at fanstastic sams in cedar hill,tx

How much does a fantastic sams franchise owner earn?


Save More Money at the Already Affordable Fantastic Sams?

Fantastic Sams is a chain of hair salons that is found throughout the United States. They offer many of the same services that other salons offer, such as highlights, facial hair trims and hair rejuvenating services for damaged hair. Fantastic Sams also has their own line of hair products. From their affordable services to their reasonably-priced salon products, Fantastic Sams is a great option for those looking to save money. Although Fantastic Sams is a smart choice for anyone who is living on a budget and does not want to spend unnecessary money on salon services, the savings do not have to stop there. Many Fantastic Sams offer discounted haircuts at certain times on particular days. These times are usually during the dead hours of the week and could be difficult for the working person to attend; however, it is worth it to call the local Fantastic Sams to inquire about these cheaper haircuts. Not only will you save a few extra dollars on top of the already spectacular savings, but Fantastic Sams are usually empty at these times, so your precious time will be saved as well. In addition to weekly discounts, many Fantastic Sams distribute coupons locally. Look at every piece of mail received in the mailbox. Many times, Fantastic Sams coupons are dispersed in the local coupon books sent through the mail to residents. For even more savings, coupons are the way to go. Usually with coupons, you can get a decent haircut for roughly thirteen dollars. With all the high-end salons charging five times that amount, you cannot go wrong with Fantastic Sams. Like Fantastic Sams on Facebook to be eligible for additional coupons, promotions, and news from Fantastic Sams. Simply visiting the Fantastic Sams Facebook page every few weeks or so can reveal easy-to-redeem coupons. Clicking a link leads to a printable coupon that will save money that can be put towards other portions of your budget.

Are there Fantastic Sams coupons available for permanents?

Fantastic Sams usually only offers coupons for haircuts. It is good to keep checking though because a few times a year they come out with coupons for permanents too.

What varieties of coupons are best for Fantastic Sams?

As is the case with any coupon, the best fantastic Sams coupons are the ones that offer you the best value. These may be availablein your local newspaper or on a website dedicated to offering coupons, such as