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When a particular thread has many dependent thread, and that particular thread is terminated, then all the threads that depends on that terminated thread will no longer belong to something and they will certainly mislead to their each functions. This is what it call orphan thread.

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Q: What is orphan thread meaning in CPU scheduling?
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What is term that describes to any type of scheduling in which a running thread may involuntarily lose control of the CPU to another thread?


What is CPU scheduling?

The CPU scheduler is the part of the Operating System that determines when to allow each thread to execute. Usually this is done by seeing if all the wait conditions, such as IO wait, timer wait, semaphore wait, etc. have been cleared, and if the thread priority or round-robin turn criteria have been met.

What is priority scheduling algorithm?

The priority scheduling algorithm is a kind of CPU scheduling algorithm where the processes that wait for the CPU are scheduled according to their priority..

Why CPU scheduling is require?

So that CPU utilise all the resources of OS

What is the difference between preemptive and non preemptive scheduling?

1.) in preemptive scheduling we prempt the currently executing process, in non preemptive scheduling we allow the current process to finish its CPU burst time... 2.) in preemptive scheduling the process is forcibly sent to waiting state when a process with higher priority comes to CPU, in non preeemptive scheduling the process at running state can not be forced to leave the CPU until it completes........

What CPU scheduling algorithm is used by?

same as linux use.

How does a thread work in a CPU?

A thread in a CPU is a line of information that the CPU must process. You can look at the threads in your computer by hitting ctrl+alt+Del and going into the process tab.

What are high level and low level scheduling?

Explain briefly the meaning of an input-output (1/0) bound program, and a processor (CPU) bound program.

Difference between preemptive and non preemptive system.with example?

Preemptive scheduling allows a process to be interrupted in the midst of its execution, taking the CPU away and allocating it to another process.Non-preemptive scheduling ensures that a process relinquishes control of the CPU only when it finishes with its current CPU burst.

What is the difference between primitive and non primitive CPU scheduling algorithm?

In Non-Primitive CPU Algo. once a process is given to the CPU it cannot be preempt,but in primitive Algo. it can be.

Why would a thread ever voluntarily give the CPU by calling a thread-yield?

Theoretically a thread will give up its CPU time voluntarily by using the yield feature. But practically, the programmer will write the code and make the thread give up its CPU time. So it is not a voluntary act from the threads perspective. It is just doing it because the programmer made it do so.

Definition of scheduling in operating system?

the objective of multiprograming is to have some processs running at aal time,so as to maximizing cpu utillization .this process is called scheduling.