What is interrupted?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A computer hardware interrupt is where a peripheral device is allowed to send a signal to the CPU that signals that it needs attention. Arrival of this, will make the CPU save current context (the "registers")and start a "handler" that is defined to trap and handle the signal.

The interrupt may be a keyboard key being pressed, and the handler will interpret the "event" with a "mask" to identify where it comes from. It will then hand over the result to the operating system, that wakes up the application that is waiting for the keyboard input, and makes it available to this.

The CPU will trap interrupts from 0 first to the higher number 15. So, if the Handler spends to much time processing, other interrupts may be lost. When the "interrupt vector" has been cleared, execution is resumed according to the policy of the short term dispatcher in the operating system.

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to cause to break off or cease in the middle of something.

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Q: What is interrupted?
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