What is opposite of lean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It you mean 'lean' as in without excessive fat, then fat or plump

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Q: What is opposite of lean?
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What is the opposite of lean?

It you mean 'lean' as in without excessive fat, then fat or plump

What is the meaning of lean up?

Basically to be more fit. To be lean is the opposite of being fat or obese.

What is a four letter word that is the opposite of fat?

slim lean or thin

What causes a car's passenger to lean in the direction opposite the direction in which the car is turning?

Centrifugal force

What is the opposite of sufficent?

Opposite of sufficient: insufficient, depleted, low, inadequate, poor, short, lean, skimpy, light, scant(predicate), short, shy(predicate)

What was done to prop up the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Recently there have been hole drilled under the high side (opposite to the lean) to make the tower tilt back the other way and stop it toppling. The drilling was precise to weaken certain points on the foundations and cause the angle of tilt (tower to vertical) to decrease.

Why does it say in every thing I look at lean to the left in a pash?

It doesn't really matter what side you lean to when you pash someone, you just need to go to the opposite side that they person you are kissing goes. 87% of people lean to the right when they kiss but it is what is comfortable to the couple.

How do you get rid of a crossed rib cage?

Lean the opposite way of the pain its gonna hurt a little but its gonna get rid of it

What are lean days?

The expression 'lean days' refers to a period of time when a person, or a community, is struggling to survive because of poverty, a poor harvest, a natural disaster, or other form of deprivation. It has the opposite meaning to 'days of plenty'.

Why are dogs attracted to you lately?

Many dogs tend to lean towards the opposite sex even in humans. Maybe she is in heat or he wants something from you.

What is the opposite sinew?

I would suggest that "muscle" would be an antonym of sinew. Someone or something that is sinewy is "cut" and lean, so the opposite would be someone that is bulky, or muscular. I have, however, also seen "muscle" listed as a synonym of sinew.

What is the plural to lean-to?