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Centrifugal force

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Q: What causes a car's passenger to lean in the direction opposite the direction in which the car is turning?
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What does a force in the opposite direction to the motion cause?

A force applied to a moving object in the opposite direction of its motion causes its velocity to decrease.

What are the causes of whirlpools?

Two tieds going in a different direction. Turning of impact.

What causes objects in motion to change directions?

when an passenger travells in the bus when the bus changes its direction the body lean to the opposite side of the direction as our lower portion which is not in contact with the bus and the upper part move at the other direction

What causes 1996 neon to stall when turning right?

ground wire passenger side thin copper wie it is broke

What causes friction that opposes wind?

fluid friction or drag pushes the opposite direction the wnd is trying to flow.

Why do the winter monsoon winds carry so little moisture?

because the winds come from the opposite direction and since there is no ocean on the opposite side then it causes less moisture.

What causes divi-divi trees to grow sideways?

The fofoti, divi divi trees grow in the direction opposite of the tradewinds.

What causes the image to move in a different direction from how you move the slide?

In microscopy, the image moves in a different direction from how the slide is moved because the lens of a microscope inverts the image. The image moves in the opposite direction from the slide.

What is drag envelope?

The drag envelope is the space around a moving object that causes friction, pushing in the opposite direction of where the object is going.

What force causes a moving object to slow down?

Any force that acts in a direction opposite to the movement. Quite often, this will be friction.

What causes a tennis ball to move straight?

Applied force when the ball is hit, and air resistance on the ball going in the opposite direction.

What is the difference of the causes between a sea breeze and a land breeze?

The only difference - is the direction of flow. A sea breeze blows from the sea onto the land. A land breeze flows in the opposite direction.