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one big thing is when Edward keeps asking Bella her therioies of him.

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Q: What is missing in the film twilight that is in the novel?
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When was the Twilight Sequel released?

The novel sequel to the book Twilight is called New Mooon, and was released on the 6th of September, 2006. The film sequel to the film Twilight will be released on November 20th, 2009.

Are they showing The The Twilight Saga in cinimas?

Yes, each novel has been made into a film to be shown in cinemas. The final novel was split into two films.

Which is better - Twilight movie or novel?

twilight novel is better.

Did Twilight come out in 2005 and then was remade?

The novel was originally released in 2005, with the film adaption of the novel following in Nov. 2008.

Why is there a Twilight graphic novel?

The Twilight graphic novel offers another way to experience the world of Twilight.

What is the narrator's name in the novel Twilight?

The narrator of the novel Twilight is Bella Swan.

What movie is based on novel twilight?


When was Missing - Alvtegen novel - created?

Missing - Alvtegen novel - was created in 2000.

When was Missing Person - novel - created?

Missing Person - novel - was created in 1978.

Will there be a Twilight watch film?

Yes, there will be a Twilight watch film.

What came first twilight or The Vampire Diaries?

The Twilight novel was published in 2005 and The Vampire Diaries first novel, The Awakening, was published in 1999, so The Vampire Diaries novels came before Twilight. But, Twilight, the movie, premiered in 2008 and The Vampire Diaries television series premiered in 2009. So technically, The Vampire Diaries novels came before Twilight novels, but Twilight beat The Vampire Diaries to the punch with a film first.

What was the twilight movie about?

The Twilight movie is based on the novel, "Twilight" writeen by Stephenie Meyer