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what is Leland's favorite color

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Q: What is mikey ways favorite color?
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What is mikey fuscos favorite color?

Mikey Fusco's gavorite color is blue:)

What is mikey favorite color from iconic boyz?

He said on ustream his favorite color is Blue! :)

What is Mikey Ways favorite film?

I think his favorite movie is Jaws.

What is Mikey's favorite sport from Iconic Boyz?

mikey what is your favorite sport

What are all the iconic boyz favorite colors?

Nick "Nicolisous" mara's favorite color is blue and red Jason "no bonez" smith's favorite color is red Mikey "spikeymikey" fusco's favorite color is blue Vincent "vinny" castronvo's favorite color is black and blue Thomas "t-money" mecil's favorite color is black and yellow Louis "da pitbull" dipila's favorite color is red Madison "mad boy" alima's favorite color is pink

What is aubonee's favorite color?

aubonee's favorite color is GREEN:VERDE:LUE SU:MIDORI:PRESINUS:CHLOROS<(all diff. ways to say green)

What is Mikey Fusco's favorite animal?


What is Mikey Fusco's favorite food?


What is Mikey Way's favorite jacket?


What color is mikey way's fender jaguar?

It color is white

What is mikey way's favorite band?

Smashing Pumpkins

What is mikey fusco eye color?

Brown :)