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his favorite color is green

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Q: What color is Nathan kress's favorite?
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Who is the handsomest icarly character?

the handsomest icarly character is Freddie Benson (Nathan Kresss)

What nathen from the wanted favorite color?

nathan sykes' fave colour is pink!! it says on their website :)

What is Nathan's favorite color?


What is Nathan Darmody's favorite color?

Green!! :)

Nathan Sykes's favorite color?

its red ......

What is Nathan gambles favorite color?


What is Nathan kress's favorite color?


Is Nathan Kress favorite color green?

Yes it is

What is Nathan Kress favorite color?


What is Christopher Harvest's favorite color?

where does nathan skyes live from the wanted Christopher harvest's favorite color is green and am Cheyenne

What is Nathan Hales favorite color?

Yellow and purple

What is Nathan Sykes favorite color?

I'm not POSITIVE about his favorite, but I know he likes purple. (: