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Having a crush with a celebrity probably means they like or admire a famous celebrity

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Q: What is ment by crush with celiberity?
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What if you don't know if your crush likes you?

I've learned that it's best to tell your crush that you like them , at the moment that you actually do , don't be afraid of what they might or might not say just say it & if everything works out it's ment to happen

What does it mean when i keep on dreaming about my crush does it mean anything?

I keep dreaming about my crush over and over 2 . It depends about what are u dreaming are u dreaming that u and ur crush are together and are boyfriend and girlfriend then that means that there could be a chance but if its like he hates me and doesnt talk to me that means its not ment to be.

On the internet is there a website where you type in your crush's name and it will tell you if it will work out?

Forget them, they are scams and are only after your money. Trust your heart and not the Net. ^^^^ (t's true what the other person said, but not all crush's are like that) Or if you really want to know. Look up love calculator and then you can write you can type your name and your crush's name and they would have a precentages to see if you and crush ment to be.

I have a gut feeling that your my crush likes me should I go with it?

If your crush looks at you with in the next week and their eyes are kind and friendly then their have feeling for you and you should go with it. But if they dont and walk away from you in a fast walk they and you were never ment to be but never give up hope.

What are other ways to let your crush know you like him?

just tell them how you feel about them and if he/she doesnt feel the same way you guys just wernt ment to be together :( sorry

I'm a trouble maker right I make fun of teachers and stuff....well the girl I have a crush on just came up to me and said her mom thinks I'm funny when I never ment her mom before what does that mean?

it means her mom has crush on you. Befriend the crush to get closer to her mom, then get with the mom. once they are all on board its menage a trois time buddy!

What does the prefix ment?

The prefix ment- means of the mind. The suffix -ment means a condition.

What do you do if you love someone and they want to be friends?

Maybe it just wasn't ment to be... That happened to many of my friends. Try not to speed into a relationship or they might get scared. And that could result as your crush just wanting to be your friend.

Does perry and you were ment to be?

Katy and I were ment to be!(: lol

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if you ment download go to then go to music the go down the sonic the hedgehog (2006) then it will be the top song there is also the crush 40 one too!

Is -ment as in document a root word?

No,-ment is a suffix.