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Not at all. It is perfectly normal for you have a crush on a celebrity.

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Q: Is it weird to have a celebrity crush?
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Should you be upset at boyfriend's celebrity crush?

No, everyone has a celebrity crush, just embrace and maybe share your celebrity crush also :)

Who is Liam Payne's celebrity crush?

His celebrity crush is Leona Lewis

Does Adam sevani has a celebrity crush?

Yes his celebrity crush is Scarlett Johanson

what is Laura marano's celebrity crush?

laura marano's celebrity crush 2014

Who is jawan harris's celebrity crush?

Jawan Harris celebrity crush is Kerri Hilson.

Who is alex wolff's celebrity crush?

alex wolff's celebrity crush is noah Cyrus

Which celebrity does Cody Simpson have a crush on?

Miley CyrusCody Simpson's Celebrity Crush is Bella Thorne.

Who was nialls first celebrity crush?

Emma Watson was Niall Horans first celebrity crush!

What is ment by crush with celiberity?

Having a crush with a celebrity probably means they like or admire a famous celebrity

Who was Logan lermans first celebrity crush?

on the bonnie hunt show he said his celebrity crush was betty white

Who is Victoria Justice's celebrity crush?

her crush is Avan Jogia

Does Lucas Cruikshank have a crush?

His celebrity crush is Megan Fox! ;)