What is maticoor night?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maticoor is a part of the Indian-Caribbean wedding ceremony, usually held on a Friday before the wedding. One is held for the bride and her family, and the groom and his family, on the same day but at different places. The traditional dye, a clensing yellow mud, is rubbed on the groom and bride and cannot be washed off until the morning of the wedding, generally the next day, when they see each other. In typical Caribbean-style Hindu weddings, drums called "tassa" are played. Everyone dances. Food is served. Maticoors are loads of good, healthy fun. Look up videos online of a maticoor and see for yourself! I recommend them!

PS. No I am not Indian, but Caucasian, and I seriously enjoyed sporting at them.

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Q: What is maticoor night?
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