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Because First night is for those who try to be different in attempt look like idiots

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Q: Why is First Night called First Night when it happens on the last night of the year?
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What happen in the first night of marriage?

What happens in the first night of marriage stays in the first night of marriage!

What happens in first night?

It would depend what it was the first night of what would happen. If it is the first night of a marriage generally people go on a honeymoon.

What the wedding night called in English?

first night

What happens at first night?

in first night girl shy externally,but agree for climax of sex internally

What happens when the sun has risen and then sets?

First you get day, then you get night.

What is the first scary night in Paranormal Activity?

something happens on all the nights but the first proper scary one is night 15 :) x

What was beatles first film called?

A Hard Days Night

What is the name of a rainbow that happens at night?

It is called 'Moonbow' (lunar rainbow).

What is the first showing of a film called?

The first showing is often just called first night. If its is for the first public showing, it is called the Premiere.

What is it called when a medieval lord wedding night?

Do you mean when he took the wedding night from the groom? It was called "first night" and any lord could claim that night from any bride on her wedding night. This was done a lot in Scotland and Ireland by the English as an insult.

What was the night called when Muhammad received his first relation?

The night when Muhammad received his first revelation is known as the Night of Ordainment. This happened when Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in the cave of Hira.

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they carry on in the night.