What is main melody?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A melody is a tune, voice, or repetitive line which tends to be a combination of pitch and rhythm. A main melody is the most used or strongest sounding melody in the song.

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Q: What is main melody?
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What is the instrument that plays counter melody?

A counter melody is a secondary or supplemental melody that is played simultaneously with the main melody.

What is the main melody in a jazz song called?

The main tune is called the "head." It establishes the chord structure and overall theme.

Texture that involves a main melody line supported by chords?

When there is one main melody accompanied by chords, the texture is

If A melody that serves as the main musical idea for a more extended piece of music is called?

The "A" melody

Is the main melody of a song copyrightable?

Of course.

What is a sentence for melody?

In orchestra I had the melody part in the song,which means the main part

What type of song do vocalists sing different melodies at thew same time?

They're not the same - the vocal melody is the main voice in a song and can be completed by other voices (usually fainter) and the melody is the main tune and can be completed by other instruments. The vocal melody can follow the same notes as the melody or not. :)

Who is melody carver in Monster High?

She is one of the main characters in the book along with Frankie Stein.

What is a good sentence with the word melody?

The main melody is quite pretty, and the beat is one that could definitely work on the dancefloor.

What part of a song is similar to the main theme of a story?


What is the other main melody instrument instead of a sitar?

the sarod

Do aria and melody mean the same thing?

No. Aria is an opera solo sung by a single voice. Melody is the main line of a tune, with which another voice can harmonize. An aria contains a melody, but a melody is not necessarily an opera aria.