What is lueroi real name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is lueroi real name?
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Who is lueroi?

Lueroi is a you tuber with an account. And he is awesome you should watch his videos

What video editor does lueroi user?

movie maker

How do you easily get Suicune in LeafGreen?

watching lueroi's walkthrough on youtube

Why does lueroi have five Pokemon in his heart gold team?

because he is a fvcker...

Where can you find regice in emerald?

That is one for YouTube. Try a user named Lueroi.

Can you only get zoura only in Pokemon white?

yes sure your only lueroi

When does lueroi evolve his boldore in black and white Pokemon?

After defeating gym leader Skyla.

How can I get more publicity for my Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough?

you cant, lueroi will always be number one. sorry

What was the first video lueroi ever made?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Walk through Part1

What is lueroi's soul silver team?

meganium, crobat, gomel, lanturn and heracross. hope this helped

What does lueroi look like?

wach the wi fi battle 2 pause it at 00:0 u will b able to wach his face.

How do you beat 100 levels?

Go onto YouTube and watch a video called, " wifi battle #2 lueroi vs ZeroSkillMatt " the video is amazing