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Black & white

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spanish-mexican decsant

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Q: What is kirko bangs nationality?
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What high school did kirko bangs go to?

Northshore HS Sr 08

Did kirko bangz go to preview?

Kirko Bangs attended Praire View A & M College in Texas and is Class of 2012, Really cool guy *Prairie View A&M University.

What does it mean when kirko bangs says im use to being that watergun?

he says im used to being that "one and done" like he only hits girls up once

How many people thinks kirko bangs is cute?

well idk. like theirs many people who enjoys his music :p But im a big fan so count me in lol DASIA H.

Is kirko bangz in a relationship?

yep . wit me

When was kirko bangz born?

Kirko Bangz was born on August 20, 1989

What is Kirko Bangz's occupation?

Kirko Bangz is a/an ,Rapper ,singer ,songwriter ,record producer

When is kirko bangz birthday?

Kirko Bangz was born on August 20, 1989

What does BANGS mean in french?

Sometimes a word in English is the same in French so bangs is just what it says. Bangs in English=Bangs. Bangs in French=Bangs :) Hope that this helps :) <3 <3 <3


curtain bangs

How old is Kirko Bangz?

Kirko Bangz (Kirk Jerel Randle) is 27 years old (born August 20, 1989).

What has the author I M Kirko written?

I. M. Kirko has written: 'Magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals' -- subject(s): Liquid metals, Magnetohydrodynamics