What is Jon Bon Jovi's favorite food?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pork Roll!

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Q: What is Jon Bon Jovi's favorite food?
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What is Bon Jovis favorite food?

It's said when Jon is in Connecticut (Manchester) he frequents the Blue Turtle and there eats Mexican food.

When was Jon bon jovis birthday?

Jon Bon Jovi birth date is 2 March 1962

What is Jon Bon Jovis wife named?

Dorothea :D

Who is Bon Jovis brother?

Jon Bon Jovi has 2 brothers Anthony and Matthew

What year was Jon Bon Jovis band made?

Bon Jovi was formed in 1983 :)

Does Jon Bon Jovis daughter Stephanie Rose has a MySpace?

Its private

What is Jon Bon Jovis dads name?

John Francis Bongiovi, Sr.

What is Jon Bon Jovis real name?

born John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.,

Who is Bon Jovis wife?

Jon Bon Jovi's wife is his highschool sweetheart, Dorothea Rose Hurley.

What does Jon Bon Jovi look like?

she has brown hair and shes really pretty. just look her up on Google. type in Jon bon jovis wife.

Jon Bon Jovis hit song -- I'll be Saturday night?

'Someday I'll Be Saturday Night'

What was Jon Bon Jovis part in the movie spaceballs?

He did not play a part in the movie, but Bon Jovi's song 'Raise Your Hands' was featured in the beginning of the movie