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Bon Jovi If I'm not mistaken ,I think Alice in Chains had a song by that title. Faith Hill did too i tnimk

The 'country' Bed of Roses was written by Harold W. Reid and performed by Tanya Tucker and also the Statler Brothers..

Lynch Mob, formed by Dokken guitarist George Lynch in the mid 80's did a song with that title also.

Screaming Trees had a popular alternative song of this title in 1991.

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Jon Bon Jovi claimed he wrote the song in a hotel room while suffering from a hangover, and the song reflects his feelings at the time. The song contains drawn out guitar riffs and soft piano playing, combined with emotive and powerful vocals by Jon to create a power Ballad love song.The line"as I dream about movies they won't make of me when I am dead" is indicative of the central theme of rugged existence interwoven with soaring hopes at the same time.

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There are several different songs named "Bed of Roses". My favorite is the one recorded by Kenny Rogers, and written by Steve Gillette and Rex Benson.

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bon jovi

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Q: Who recorded the song Bed of Roses?
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