What is jbs favorite song?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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starts with E

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Q: What is jbs favorite song?
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What is nicks favorite jbs song?

he likes Demi lovato and his fave one is 'This is me'

What is JBs favorite kind of animal?

a dog is jbs fav. animal

What is JBs favorite dinner?


Who is the world's favorite person?


What is jbs favorite show?

His favorite TV show is Smallville?!?!

What is jbs real favorite color?


What is Jbs Fav food?

His favorite food of all is spaghetti! =)

What is jbs favuorite sport?

If your referring to Justin Bieber, his favorite sport/s are hockey and basketball

What is the name of the song in Fantasy Factory when Justin Bieber gets his Raptor?

The song that played was speaking in tongues. JBs new rap!

What are JBs favorite video game?

Barbie Horseback riding and Dora's magical wonderland. His mom picked those out for him.

What is JBs hit song?

If you're a f a g and you know it , clap your hands ! They had whole arenas clapping.

When was JBS USA created?

JBS USA was created in 1855.