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Urolagnia. The slang term is "golden shower."

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Q: What is it called if a man likes to be peed on by a woman?
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What do you call a man that likes older women?

A man who is attracted to older women is often referred to as a "cub" or a "cougar hunter."

How can you tell if a man likes a woman?

he gets a boner

Is my man gay or bisexual?

If he likes men, he is homosexual. If he likes woman, he is heterosexual, if he likes both, he is bisexual.

What happens when a women sees someone she likes?

When a woman sees a man she likes, she smiles.

What does it means when a man and woman are kissing and the woman has her leg up in the back of her?

It means she likes the kiss!

What makes a woman special to a man?

A woman may be special to a man if she is very sweet and kind. A man likes attention and affection and that would make her special to him.

Why a man keeps looking over a woman?

cause he likes her, ofcourse :)

Can a bisexual woman be faithful to a straight man?

As long as she truly likes him.

Another name for a man that likes women?

A heterosexual is a man who is attracted to a woman. A heterosexual. Or straight.

Where is a gay man who is secretly in love with straight woman?

There is probably no such thing a gay man who is secretly in love with a straight woman, except as the equivalent of a straight man's "man crush" where he really likes the woman as a friend.

Has there ever been a man who drank beer in Tennessee and then peed in Georgia?

Yes if you're asking has a man drank beer before in Tennessee and later peed in Georgia. If you mean like literally peed from Tennessee to Georgia then no obviously.

Why would a married woman have a affair with a divorced black man?

Perhaps because she likes him (and he likes her).