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The irony is that if Smaug not been bragging about his "diamond waistcoat" of impenetrable scales, Bilbo never would have seen the hole in it. Bilbo communicated this (by means of the Thrush) to Bard the Bowman, and with that information, he was able to slay the dragon with a well-placed arrow. As is common in mythology, Smaug was killed by his own hubris.

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Q: What is ironic about the way in which Smaug is killed?
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What is the name of the town that was attacked by Smaug but where Smaug was killed?


Where was the Smaug killed in The Hobbit?

Lake town

Does Smaug the dragon live?

no he is killed by bard

How smaug was killed in hobbit?

Smaug was killed when Bard shot an arrow into his heart, aiming for a specific spot on his chest where there was a gap in his nigh-inpenetrable scales.

Is the dragon from the Pagemaster Smaug from 'The Hobbit'?

Smaug only appeared in the Hobbit, where he was killed and he never appeared again (because he was dead). So smaug was not in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but he was in the Hobbit.

What is the importance about dale in 'The Hobbit'?

Dale was destroyed by Smaug. It was one reason Bard thought he and his men had a right to some of the dragon's treasure. It was rebuilt after Smaug was killed.

How did Smaug die in the book The Hobbit?

The killer of Smaug is Bard the Bowman. He's alerted by a thrush who overheard of Smaug's weakness (a single bare spot in his bejeweled chest).Bard, a man in the town of Esgaroth, a town by the lake, killed the dragon. He was told by the thrush where Smaug's weak spot was, and thus Bard was able to shoot the dragon through the heart.

In what chapter do they meet smaug?

Who is Smaug

What type of creature was The Smaug?

Smaug was a dragon.

How did the Lake-men and Bard approach Thorin and the dwarves?

Most of the population of Lake Town think the dwarves are going to kill the dragon Smaug, and so treat them with kindness, hoping to get a share of the treasure. In fact all the dwarves do is annoy Smaug, who flies down the mountain and destroys Lake Town. Smaug is eventually killed by Bard.

What does smaug do where the dwarves are hiding?

Smaug takes a snooze. Z Z Z Z Z (Smaug)

In the book 'The Hobbit' does Bilbo Baggins die?

No, he makes it back home. After all, he does have a part to play in The Lord of the Rings.