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Smaug takes a snooze.







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Q: What does smaug do where the dwarves are hiding?
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How did the dwarves lose their treasure and kingdom?

The dragon Smaug stole it.

What is the lonely mountains in The Hobbit?

The mountain where the dwarves use to live before smaug came and claimed the mountain and its gold.

Why wont the men of lake town stay with the dwarves?

They were scared of Smaug and also believed from legend that only a group of Dwarves could kill Smaug and make the rivers run bright with treasure.

How did the Lake-men and Bard approach Thorin and the dwarves?

Most of the population of Lake Town think the dwarves are going to kill the dragon Smaug, and so treat them with kindness, hoping to get a share of the treasure. In fact all the dwarves do is annoy Smaug, who flies down the mountain and destroys Lake Town. Smaug is eventually killed by Bard.

How does Smaug try to turn Bilbo against the dwarves?

He says that the dwarves wont give Bilbo any gold, and that the Dwarves ar ejust using him.

Who has the dwarves' treasure?

In the beginning it was Smaug , then in the end of The Hobbit , Bilbo gains it

What puzzles smaug about Bilbo?

Smaug has never smelled anything like Bilbo and he cannot place it.

Where are the dwarves in 'The Hobbit' from?

The Dwarves are from the Ered Luin during Bilbo's time. Erebor was their original home but Smaug chased them away.

What about Bilbo confuses smaug?

It was his smell. Smaug had never encountered a hobbit before. He did not recognize the smell of him, but could tell that he had been with the dwarves.

What does smaug not recognize about Bilbo in The Hobbit?

Smaug doesn't recognize the scent of Hobbit, although he knows what dwarves and men smell like.

Who told the dwarves tat Smaug was dead?

Tat wun dud member broski

What is Bilbos reward for helping the dwarves regain their mountain?

A share in Smaug's treasure and adventure.