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Internal School Suspension is when you are on the school campus physically but you cannot interact with the other students there .. you will be in a separate part of the school doing your work quietly for the whole day.

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Q: What is internal school suspension?
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Can a in school suspension be on your permanent record?

It depends. Most of the time, there are two different types of suspension: Internal and external. A internal suspension is when you are still required to attend school, but you are given work to do in a place away from other students. An external suspension is when you are suspended from he school grounds, and are send work to do.

What does ATOSS stand for?

Alternative to out of school suspension

What happens if you flip the bird at school?

you get ISS (IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION) or if you keep doing it you get oss (OUT SCHOOL SUSPENSION

What is it called when you go to a school and they wont let you get out?

Do you mean boarding school? There you are required to live at school. You also might be talking about an in-school suspension. Or, a suspension.

What kind of punishment were bullies given?

Out of school suspension, note to parent, expelled, in-school suspension. It depends what the bully did. -D12

What is a sentence with the word suspension?

He was on a ten day school suspension, after he was caught fighting. The car needs work on the suspension.

What is ISS in middle school?

In School Suspension, your teachers give you work and you have to do it sitting in a separated room for the whole day. It is really boring trust me you don't want ISS!

How do you use the word suspension in a sentence?

Lisa was put on suspension from school after she was caught cheating on a test.

How do you make a sentence with suspension?

The suspension period lasted for a week because of the fighting in the high school for certain students, but when the week was over they were able to return to school.

Fun things to do in ISS in school suspension?

You could, Sleep, Text, Read, Study, Listen to musikk, or tick the teaher off nad get out of school suspension

What is in school suspension?

Schoolsuspension is when a student gets in "trouble" at school, one of the consequences can be school suspension. The student is not allowed on school for a number of days, the time depends on the seriousness of the situation.

What remadial measures are undertaken by schools?

The remedial measures that are undertaken by schools depend on the situation itself. Some examples might include in school suspension, out of school suspension, or detention.