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It was used typically on much older vehicles (1920's and 30's) using a front straight axle with a single multi-leaf spring. The wishbone would hold the front axle in alignment while allowing the axle to move up and down for suspension

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Q: What is a suspension wishbone?
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Why the suspension is called a wishbone suspension?

the suspension is called this because the part atatched to the chasis is called your wishbone, wich holds in place your hub, wich in turn holds in your suspension there for it is called a wishbone suspension

What was invented for a car in 1802?

Wishbone suspension?

How does the suspension look on a Ford Explorer 2002?

Four way independent wishbone suspension.

Which volkswagen vehicle has a double-wishbone front suspension?


Why do racing cars prefer double wishbone suspension?

The double wishbone suspension is used because it can manage high inputs and G-forces through three dimension more effectively and efficiently than any other suspension type.

What is a car wishbone?

A double wishbone suspension is an automobile independent suspension design using two parallel wishbone-shaped arms to locate the wheel. Each wishbone (or arm) has two mounting positions to the chassis and one at the wheel hub. The shock absorber and coil spring mount to the wishbones to control vertical movement.

What is double wishbone with coil spring system in cars?

It is front suspension.

Do 300zx's have shocks or struts in front?

They have double-wishbone suspension both front and rear.

What is 1993 Achieva control arm?

if your talking suspension, then its part of the front end, double wishbone style suspension. google images of double wishbone suspension for visuals there is two control arms on each side, top and bottom of each wheel hub. they swing up and down together when you hit a bump. they hold the ball joints where the wheels pivot left to right

How do you remove a front axle from a 2001 Chevy truck?

I'd need to know if you had a solid front axle or a double wishbone independent front suspension in order to answer this.

Which is better double wishbone or multi link suspension?

double wishbone probably the better system for the track but in tearms of road cars multi-link by far as it gives all the advantages of duble wishbone but is more comnpact andf can be modified more easily. the multi-link system keeps the camber and castor more solid than double wishbone, but under handling you want more surface area of the tyre in contact withmthe road as this means you will have more grip and as a result of this you can corner quicker. track - double wishbone road and track - multilink

How many cars have double wishbone suspension systems?

usually racing car and sports car will use this form of suspension. All F1 cars have double wishbone both front and rear. Honda S2000, Mazda miata, Nissan 350z.... all those sports cars have double wishbone suspension on front at least. Mazda miata used to have it on both front and rear. but the latest generation switched to multilink suspention on rear for a little more comfort trading off handling. My understanding: if you want a car that feels sporty, you should get one with this type of suspention. BTW BMW3 has macpherson on front , and it still has very good handling.