What is hemorrhage?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Hemorrhage (haemorrhage) is excessive or extensive bleeding, either within tissues and organs, or out of the body.

A rapid and/or heavy loss of blood. You can also say something like, "His business was hemorrhaging money because the new product wasn't selling."
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Q: What is hemorrhage?
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What is a spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage?

It is a hemorrhage in the brain

What is another word for hemorrhage?

hemorrhage (bleeding)

The body responds to hemorrhage by?

the body responds to hemorrhage by?

What is the icd 9 code for thalamic hemorrhage?

431 is the code for intracerebral hemorrhage. That would include thalamic hemorrhage.

How would you use hemorrhage in a sentence?

The patient began to hemorrhage.

What is ICD9 code 578.9?

ICD 9 CM Code 578.9 - Hemorrhage of gastrointestinal tract, unspecified Gastric hemorrhage Intestinal hemorrhage

Which part of the brain is damaged by a hemorrhage?

A hemorrhage can occur in any part of the brain.

What is ICD 9 Code for submacular Hemorrhage?

362.81 Sub-Retinal Hemorrhage

Where in the body would a cerebral hemorrhage occurs?

A 'cerebral hemorrhage' means bleeding within the brain.

What is the ICD 9 CM code 578.9?

ICD 9 CM Code -578.9 Hemorrhage of gastrointestinal tract, unspecified. Gastric hemorrhage. Intestinal hemorrhage.

The term meaning the loss of a large amount of blood is?

Exsanguination or hemorrhage

What is peticule hemmoraging?

Capillary hemorrhage into the skin, forming petechiae. Also called punctate hemorrhage