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The thing that's going on is that they are in love with each other.They had their history together, which may have gotten sexual. Before they met Dan, in theory they used to kiss a lot, may have had sex, and possably, concidering that their reptiles, they mated and had babies. Gross.

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yes they do because oneday i whatched a vid. called drago and wavern love eatch

other. then i wathed them kiss them yuck yuck bluch

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Hell Yes. It's been said that Drago mates with Wavern (concidering that they're reptiles.) They seem to do it after New Vestroia, but before Gundalien Invaders.

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Q: What is going on between Drago and Wavern?
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Does drago like wavern in bakugan?

You better believe it. The evidence is all there. In episode 35, Wavern spilled the secret right in front of the brawlers. In episode 36, Drago went out on a date with Wavern. In episode 37, Wavern came to see the battle between him and Skyress. By that point, it was pretty clear that Drago likes Wavern.

Does Drago like Wavern?

Yes. In episode 35, Wavern called Drago "Dragoruny". That's reaso enough to believe that Drago and Wavern are certenly more than friends.

What happens in the last bakugan episode?

Wavern asked Drago to kill her and gave Drago the Infinity Core and Drago also killed Naga and then all of the Bakugans went to Vestroia and Drago and Wavern became the new core for Vestroia. Dan and Runo are now dating

Does Drago love Wavern?

He sure does. In fact, they even knew each other in more ways than one before they met the brawlers. There are 3 key pieces of evidence that Drago loves Wavern-1: In episode 35, Wavern called him Dragoruny and said they had their history together-Gross. 2: In episode 36, right before Dan was leaving for Runo's house, Drago said he had "plans of his own", which was basicly a date with Wavern. And 3: in episode 37, Wavern came to see the battle between him and Skyress. Than Drago got hit pretty hard with teasing after that. So there's your answer. Gross.

What is wavern's attribute?

Wavern is Drago's love interest and it does not have any attribute. Members of "The White Ones" have no attributes and Wavern is also a member of this group.

What did Drago and Wavern do before they met Dan?

That's kind of hard to say, because concidering that Wavern is basicly Drago's girlfriend, it propbably wasn't pretty. It may have even got sexual with Drago and Waven, which propbably was ugly to see. Also they propbably kissed a lot and could possably even had babies.

What does a wavern look like?

she looks like drago only little diffrent she,s white and has no horn ok.

Does Drago Like Tigrerra?

It almost looked like that at first, but after the first 2 munutes of episode 35 of season 1, it made it clear that Drago liked Wavern rather than Tigrerra.

Will Drago and Wavern ever kiss?

Actually, they may already have. After Drago went to Vestroia at the end of season 1, it looked like he went over and kissed her. If that's not the case, than it could possably happen in the Bakugan movie coming out in 2011.

Is wavern rare?

wavern is rare shes only haos ok.

What atribute is wavern?

wavern has no atribute and is a white bakugan wich is rare

What is Wavern's G-power?

i think it is random. but my haos grey wavern is only 370g power. But on eBay they're selling a darkus wavern with 580g power.