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Edward Kennedy Ellington

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Q: What is duke ellingtons real name?
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What was duke ellingtons dad name?

Duke Ellington's father was named James Edward

What is duke ellingtons birth name?

Edward Kennedy Ellington

What was Duke Ellingtons personality?

inspiring person

What is Duke Ellington's daughter's name?

Mercedes Ellington. Mercedes Ellington is Duke Ellingtons grand daughter ! Not his daughter.Mercer is her father. Duke Ellington's daughter's name is April Ellington,from Duke's second family.

What was duke ellingtons activities?

To play baseball and piano.

What was duke ellingtons contribution to culture?

how did duke ellington affect culture to this day check my answer

What is duke ellingtons mothers name?

Duke Ellington's mother is named Daisy Kennedy

What was duke ellingtons wife?

Duke Ellington married Edna Thompson July 2, 1918.

What was duke ellingtons funeral date?

Tuesday May 28, 1974.

How long did duke ellingtons career spanned?

kk heres an awnser he pooed on his own ear

What is duke ellingtons favorite drink?

Hot water. Occasionaly with lemon. Just hot water.

What genre is duke Ellingtons music?

Big Band, they genre sort of went away