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Q: What is cosmozoic Theory according to Ramsey?
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What is the Cosmozoic Theory of Evolution?

Cosmozoic or Interplanetary Theory as put forward by Richter states that life had reached the earth from some other heavenly body in the form of resistant spores of simple organisms in meteorites or in spaceships. Upon finding fertile soil here, the theory goes, they grew and then evolved into the various existing forms.

What has the author A S Ramsey written?

A S. Ramsey has written: 'An introduction to the theory of Newtonian attraction'

What is Graham's number?

graham'number is explain by scienstist is very larg number which is explain for ramsey theory.

Who discovered cosmozoic theory of evolution?

It is also called panspermia theory,given by Richter in 1865.acording to him life on earth came from a distint planet in the form of spores or micro-organisms.It was preserved inside meteorites.These meteorites struck the barren earth to release the cosmozoa and helped in development of various creatures.But it faild to explain the origin of life on those distant planets.

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