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The final stage of succession when the plant community remains relatively stable and unchanging. at the climax, the vegetation is balance with existing environmental conditions ( ie climate & soil). The climax vegt is the most complex group of plants in an area & develops over a long period

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Climax vegetation are those plants which form the stable, long term ecosystem in a given environment.

For instance in Europe after the Ice sheets melted, the ground was barren of plants. Then slowly mosses, grasses and small plants colonised the area, building up a soil humus, then more shrubby plants were able to grow and the ecosystem got richer. Finally deciduous forest trees were able to establish and the region became forested. These plants then formed the long term stable vegetation cover and are therefore called the climax vegetation. If you go further north deciduous forest gives way to evergreen pine forest as in this environment pine trees are the climax vegetation.

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Q: What is climax vegetation how does it work?
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