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a dick

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a bird

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Q: What is chris browns tattoo on his leg?
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What does the tattoo on Chris Browns wrist say?

The tattoo on Chris Browns wrist says his mothers name which is Joyce. Chris's tattos are so good ima get 1.

Does Chris Brown have a tattoo on his leg?

Yes on his right leg

What does chris browns chest tattoo say?

symphonic love

What is the font of Chris browns symphonic love tattoo?

times new roman

What is Chris Browns favorite Tattoo?

His favorite tattoo is his joobate on his shoulder he got it when he was like 17 so that his favorite one

What does Chris Browns new tattoo look like?

chris brown has 8 tattoos and the one on his neck are stars.

Are does real tattoes in chris browns arm?

Most of them are real. The star tattoo on his neck in the With You video (the big black stars) were fake

What is Chris Ogbonnaya's number on the Cleveland Browns?

Chris Faulk is number 70 on the Cleveland Browns.

Who is Chris Browns child?

chris browns child is chrishton brown

What is chris browns fave color?

chris browns favourite colour is pink and purple

What tattoo does Chris Brown have on his hands?

Chris Brown has a tattoo of a skull with a halo above it!

Who is chris browns boyfriend?

Chris is a boy.