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chris browns say now nuber is 804-201-9377

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Q: What is Chris Browns say now number?
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What does the tattoo on Chris Browns wrist say?

The tattoo on Chris Browns wrist says his mothers name which is Joyce. Chris's tattos are so good ima get 1.

What does chris browns chest tattoo say?

symphonic love

Why does chris browns say boo in some of his videos?

because hes got a broken heart

Was TI about to fight Chris Brown?

no they were not because they are good friends and if they did ti was going to kick chris browns butt and lets say i know t.i he is my brother !!

What is the address of chris browns recording studio?

I cant say where but one in Norfolf,Va one in NYC and one in LA

How can you talk to chris brown?

Chris Brown has a Say!Now Number to leave him voice mail messages. That number is: (804) 201-9377

Who is the girl in chris browns say goodbye that gets dumped?

Lesley Lewis Lesley Lewis And the girl he favours is Janina garraway. Jiles.,

Does Chris Brown want a girlfriend?

well no,he is dating kayleen valentin. most people say he is with riahnna.....not those people think so its not real. if you believe and want proof find it on chris browns sight.

How can you get Chris Brown to walk with you on your birthday?

i now i like chris brown and i don't now how i will talk to him maybe we can say happy birthday to or self and i love you verry much

Help you talk to Chris Brown now?

you kan kall him 1-804-201-9377 that's his say now

Does Rihanna affect chris browns music?

Well to be perfectly honest listening to the radio, on Q97 or 97.1, they have said that he has another girlfriend. So I would say NO. He obviously has moved on.

Who is more famous Dolly Parton or Chris Brown?

I'd say now, it would be Chris Brown but back then it would've been Dolly Parton. It's hard to say.