What is candys real name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is candys real name?
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What happen if you eat to much rare candys?

Upon feeding too many rare candys a pokemons stats wont grow as well as they possibly could. Its best to avoid this. you could die and you are in idoit dude Pokemon is not real

When was Mike Candys born?

Mike Candys was born on 1981-08-21.

How do you level up pokeomon FAST?

You have one of three choices: Train like a real person Put it in the day care Give it rare candys

Where do you find more rare candys at?

in ss you get a shuckle and it has berryjuce walk around and it will make rare candys ithink

Real 999x rare candy cheat for Pokemon platinum?

you can get 900, rare candys if you have action replay. however, the action replay won't work on the dsi

Where can you find rareb candy on Pokemon platinum?

you can't find rareb candys you find rare candys and no i don't know where to find them

What is the second most selling item on Halloween?

I would have to say Candys the first and Costumes is the second or Costumes is the first and Candys the second.

Can you buy rare candys in Pokemon ruby?

you beat the elite 4 and go to the battle tower and you can buy rare candys

Where do you get rare candys in Pokemon sapphire?

Rare Candys (Hence the name) are quite rare. If you go just north Slateport City there will be a House with someone called the trick master inside. First you must find him, Then you have to get through his maze, (you have to have a Pokemon with you that knows cut) at the end he will give you a rare candy. you can do this 2 or 3 times I think. Also you can find rare candys on little islands in the middle of the ocean. Good Luck!

How do you get unlimeted rare candys?

Get ar and use it

How many kinds of candys are there?

1000 million

How do you get 999999999999999999 rare candys?

with cheats or find it