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Q: What is an unscrupulous knight called?
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What is a male knight called?

I believe he was still called a "knight".

Verbose is to concise as unscrupulous is to what?

Verbose is to concise as unscrupulous is to principled. The definition of the word unscrupulous is fairly synonymous with unprincipled.

What is the noun form of unscrupulous?

Unscrupulous is an adjective which means immoral. Thus, it can be used in the following sentences: The politician was so unscrupulous that he lied about his opponent to get elected. There are a lot of unscrupulous policemen at the borders who take bribes in order to let drugs in. I've never heard someone be as unscrupulous as the factory owner who lied and said his cars were safe when they weren't.

What is a knight's flag called?

A knight's flag is called a Pennon. It is a small flag on end of lance.

What is a knight on a horse called?

It's just a knight

Is it true that vampire knight season 3 is called vampire knight blood?

No it is called VK Destiny

What is the ceremony in which a squire becomes a knight called?

The ceremony in which a squire becomes a knight is called a dubbing ceremony.

What Chesspiece in the shape of a horse called?

The horse-shaped chesspiece is called the knight. In chess notation, the knight is abbreviated "N" so as not to confuse it with the King, which is abbreviated "K."

Use unscrupulous in sentence?

The mayor was forced to resign because of his unscrupulous business dealings.

What should be the name for the Dark Knight sequel?

It is called "The Dark Knight Rises".

Has Tommy knight got a girlfriend?

Tommy knight has for a girlfriend she is called Ellie

Why is knight and day called knight and day?

In the movie "Knight & Day" Tom Cruise's Characters' real, non-undercover name is Matthew Knight.