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A song with moderate tempo has a tempo of anywhere from 108-120 beats per minute. There are probably a lot of songs with this tempo, just check the (usually) upper left corner of the sheet music and it should have the symbol of a quarter note=____ bpm. That's the tempo.

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One example of a popular song that is of moderato tempo is the Blue Danube Waltz. This is a very famous waltz.

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ako kini si angi

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di ko alam

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Q: What is an example song of moderato tempo?
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What is the tempo for Selena Gomez song tell me something i don't know?

The tempo is moderato or lento.Not largo, largo is too fast.

What does moderato assai mean?

Play at a very moderate tempo. "Assai" means "very" and "moderato" means moderate tempo.

What is the tempo for vidimus stellam?


What is the tempo marking of bahay kubo?

The tempo marking for "Bahay Kubo" is typically indicated as Moderato, meaning at a moderate speed. This tempo allows for a comfortable and steady pace when performing the song.

What is the name for a tempo between allegro and andante?


Tempo of the folk song bahay kubo?

what is the tempo of the folk song bahay kubo

What word means to play a moderate tempo?

moderato, i gueaa

What is an example song of adagio tempo?

An example of an ADAGIO TEMPO is --> "New World Symphony"

What are the different tempo music?

Prestissimo Vivacissamemente Vivacissimo Presto Allegrissimo Vivo Vivace Allegro Allegro moderato Allegretto Allegretto grazioso Moderato Moderato expressivo Andantino Andante moderato Andante Tranquillimente Tranquillo Adagletto Adagio Larghetto Grave Lento Lento moderato Largo Larghissimo

What is an Italian musical term meaning a moderate graceful tempo?

moderato e grazioso

What are the kinds of tempo?

Kinds of tempo: presto (very fast) allegro (fast) moderato (moderate) andante (moderate, literally a "walking" tempo) lento (slower than adagio) largo (very slow) accelerando (increasing the speed) ritardando (slowing down).

What is the tempo of mean of Taylor Swift?

I would say it's moderato.