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Plant Adaptations

Plants have adaptations to help them survive (live and grow) in different areas. Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat. These adaptations might make it very difficult for the plant to survive in a different place. This explains why certain plants are found in one area, but not in another. For example, you wouldn't see a cactus living in the Arctic. Nor would you see lots of really tall trees living in grasslands.

Click on the different biomes or areas below to learn about them and some of the adaptations plants have to live there:



Tropical Rain Forest

Temperate Rain Forest

Temperate Deciduous Forest



In Water

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Q: What is an example of environmental adaptation?
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What is environmental adaptation?

Environmental adaptation is when an animal or other species adapts to where they live. This happens constantly because environmental conditions are always changing.

How do you use the word enviromental adaptation in a sentence?

Every species has an environmental adaptation or two.Bushy eyelashes is one of the environmental adaptations of camels to protect their eyes from sandstorms.

Which of the following mammals does not exhibit a physical adaptation to environmental conditions?

None of them...they all are examples of adaptation.

What is an example of sensory adaptation?

Dark Adaptation Light Adaptation Hearing Adaptation Touch Adaptation Smell Adaptation

What are the special features of desert animals?

Adaptation to their changing environmental conditions.

What actors and actresses appeared in Environmental Pressures and Species Adaptation - 2013?

The cast of Environmental Pressures and Species Adaptation - 2013 includes: Seoungtae Heo as Minho Eunu Kang as Minho Guerim Kim

What term refers to the ability of a living thing to adjust to environmental change?

There are 6 things all living organisms must do. - Have Cells - Sense and respond to change -Reproduce - Have DNA -Use energy -Grow and Develop

Why were the Wichita lodges examples of environmental adaptation?

They used local materials to build it

What term refers to the ability of a living thing to adjust the environmental changes?

It is adaptation.

What is a another meaning for adaptation?

Another word for "adaptation" is "environmental condition". This is because an adaptation is the condition in which any plant or animal is suited to in its environment, where it can survive efficiently, with its needs in its surrounding area.

What is the difference between short term adaptation and long term adaptation?

short term adaptation occurs in one organism to fit it's environmental needs. long term adaptation are advantageous genes that are passed to the following generations

How adaptation help species survive?

Adaptation is how creatures respond to environmental changes, whether that be in their habitat, or in their predators or prey. Adapting will help them survive better.